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Project Heimdall

Medical and evacuation equipment initiative

Project Heimdall is an initiative dedicated to providing essential medical and evacuation equipment to the most needed areas in Ukraine

Established by Torgeir and Frank from Team Ferno Norden Military after witnessing firsthand the urgent need for medical resources during their visits to Ukraine, this project collaborates closely with highly skilled Ukrainian SOF units actively engaged at the front lines.

This collaboration has provided deep insights into the logistical challenges faced when a soldier is wounded—highlighting the need for soldiers to carry additional medical supplies, the development of various evacuation systems tailored to different combat stages, and the deployment of forward surgical teams to treat injured soldiers.

The primary aim of Project Heimdall is to distribute individual first aid kits (IFAKs) directly to soldiers and to supply more comprehensive kits to medical personnel. It also focuses on setting up compact treatment stations that enable prolonged care in the field.

Additionally, Project Heimdall supports the delivery of diverse evacuation platforms, including an array of stretchers, modified ATV Polaris 6x6 vehicles, and unmanned vehicles, all designed to ensure that wounded soldiers can be quickly and safely evacuated from the battlefield to medical facilities.

Medical and Evacuation Equipment Configuration for Forward-Deployed Medics

Soldiers and medics serve in various conditions, requiring equipment that integrates effortlessly with standard combat gear such as plate carriers and large rucksacks. The equipment is methodically organized into three lines to maximize efficiency and accessibility.

Point of injury

1. Point of Injury - Care Under Fire

IFAK - Each team member is equipped with an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), crucial for self-aid and buddy-aid. These kits are vital for conducting initial MARCH assessments and handling immediate medical interventions.

1st Line Gear - Depending on the mission specifics and duration, options include waist packs or chest rigs, tailored to provide flexibility and crucialmedical support.

Products included in Self-aid IFAK

Tactical Field Care

2. Tactical Field Care on foot

2nd Line Gear - Known as the medic assault pack, this gear is both portable and comprehensive, designed to be with the medic in all conditions, ensuring they are alwaysprepared.

Combat Medic Pack includes (not listed below): - In this bag we recommend equipment like CRIC set, iGel, Suction, BBM, Peep, Chest seals, Thoracostomy kit, Stethoscope Transfusion kit, BP cuff, IV kits, Splints, Abdom dressing, Ready heat, Fluid warmer, Hypothermia kit, Medical foil wrap, Pulsoximeter, ++ For evacuation we recommend Ferno NATO stretcher and Sked basic rescue system.

Products included in Combat Medic Pack

Cas Evac

3. CasEvac by vehicle / ATV / UGV

3rd Line Gear -  Designed for extended care in remote settings where quick evacuation is not feasible. This gear is typically stored in vehicles or at strategically positioned field clinics where there is a compacted treatment station. The medic’s large medical backpack is capable or provided an advanced care such as ventilatory support, resuscitation, and diagnostic and can therefore sustain Prolonged Casualty Care until MEDEVAC can arrive.

CasEvac Products/Systems includes (not listed below)::

  • 4x4 pick-up trucks/SUV
  • UGV evacuation platform THeMIS
  • ATV- 6x6 Polari

Products included in CasEvac by vehicle

Prolonged care

4. Prolonged Care in Compact Treatment Station

Prolonged Care - Compact treatment station can be easily established within minutes in FOB’s or safehouses, etc. The kit comes in robust peli cases and is easy to transport.

Combat Treatment Station includes (not listed below):

  • Surgical lights


Products included in Combat Treatment Station


5. Prolonged Care in Deployable Field Clinic

FLEXIPOD Clinic is a cutting edge, rapidly deployable medical facility tailored to the urgent needs of military and emergency operations.

Designed for forward surgical care in conflict zones such as Ukraine, the FLEXIPOD dramatically shortens the time from injury to surgical intervention, ensuring that wounded soldiers receive prompt and critical care.

Tactical Cooler for Blood and Medicine

Tactical Cooler for Blood and Medicine

Can operate in temperatures from -20c to +40c. Rechargeable batteries with an operational time of 24-36 hours between each charge (100-240v 50/60Hz PSU). Available in these sizes: 2L / 7L / 24L / 45L.


Blood Far Forward

Hemorrhagic shock, a condition resulting from severe blood loss, is one of the leading causes of death in combat situations. Whole blood transfusions are effective in rapidly restoring blood volume and improving blood oxygenation, which are critical in reversing shock and preventing death from severe hemorrhage.

Advances in the storage of whole blood, such as cold storage techniques, have extended its shelf life, making it more feasible for use in cold and warm field conditions where refrigeration is very important.

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Team Ferno Norden Military maintains regular communication with lead medical professionals on the front lines in Ukraine. We are committed to supplying only the equipment that is specifically requested by end users. All our products are of the highest quality and fully certified to meet MDR (Medical Device Regulation) and CE standards.

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