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Military Vacuum Mattress EasyFix PLUS II

Military vacuum mattress EasyFix PLUS II is made of flame-retardant PVC-coated fabric. It has new inner bags with chambers to control granules, which means it always has an even distribution of contents for a comfortable and stable fixation. Offers a safe and comfortable transport of the patient.

EasyFix PLUS II has a unique design that provides increased support for the head, neck and back without the use of a neck collar on the patient. The unique design also facilitates the management of the airway of a patient with limited mobility. Despite this, the volume and weight of the packaging has been reduced by 20% compared to most traditional systems.
The upper part of EasyFix PLUS has a reinforced bottom plate that covers the pelvis. 

A unique solution where wraps together with fastening straps provide better support than traditional systems. The development of this system is based on the functions of the X-spindle where it has been shown that cross-fixation offers clear advantages.


Improved functions of EasyFIx PLUS II are:
• Back - fiberglass shaft with extended area - main area
• Reinforced with polypropylene PP sheet to reduce wear when transitioning to wooden sheet
• Headband - reinforced with a non-slip surface against the patient's forehead
• The position of the headband - adjusted down towards the back creates a better angle and stabilization of the patient's head.
Improved design for immobilization of the upper back, neck and head, which is suitable for fixation without a neck collar.
The unique design also facilitates the management of the airway of a patient with limited mobility. Three layers on the back now also with fiberglass to reduce friction - increase durability and enable patient movement by being able to pull the mattress on the ground. Now from 2021, also strengthened on the main part.
Improved fixation system provides increased patient comfort and access to the patient's arm or hand for monitoring and treatment. The head straps are attached to the mattress - for faster installation.
Improved chamber system for control of granules and to be able to quickly and easily make a good fixation.
Product information: Approved according to EN-1865 and EN-1789
Can handle loads of 250 kg
Unique design that allows you to use a 4-point belt on the ambulance stretcher during transport.
Maximum shrinkage in length: 1% Maximum shrinkage in width: 3%
Working temperatures - 36 to + 75 ° C
Material: Outer material: Polyester fiber, PVC coated (flame resistant) inner bag. Polyester grain (flame resistant). Wooden board upper part: Birch veneer.
Other weight information: 8.4 kg without attachment straps, 8.7 kg with attachment straps, 10.5 kg total weight including attachment straps + foot pump
3 year guarantee on production and quality.
Made with IR-reflection PVC material and olive colored/Military green (IR-test method FSD 7403, Unit: nm Average value 30-45
Click here to see an instructional video for packing the vacuum mattress in the bag.

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE21271511181
  • Color Red/black
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 8,7 kg / 11 kg
  • Height 4,5 cm
  • Length 208 cm
  • Width 130/72 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 271511181

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