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FMS 20.G Litter Arm 1 pc

FMS 20.G Litter Arms are a more robust version of our 10.G Litter Arm evacuation system and compatible with FMS Interior Vehicle MOLLE, Ferno-Track (in vertical orientation) or our 20.G Fixed Position Plate. Originally designed for MRAP applications, the 20.G Litter Arm can be used in various LE or Military vehicles providing immediate CASEVAC capability. Integrated one-hand capture and release allows the 20.G arm to be compatible with any NATO style litter (pending vehicles interior space). Quick-release provisions allow the the 20.G Litter Arm to be rapidly installed, stowed or placed in "flat" configuration when not in use. Each pair of Ferno Military 20.G Litter Arms are tested to secure one casualty over rough terrain. CNC Machined from aircraft aluminum.
• Fielded by U.S. Forces
• Patented
• 20.G Load tested in all directions
• Passed DoD Blast Testing  Custom vehcile specific variants available


• Orignally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA.
• Available for direct purchase by DoD, U.S. Federal and local law enforcement 

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM644A100
  • Weight 4,76 kg
  • Height 21,33 cm
  • Length 67,7 cm
  • Width 18,08 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FM644A100

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