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8x8" Fixed Position Plate

The FMS 10.G fixed position mounting plate serves as an alternative base plate for the 10.G system where space may be limited. The mounting plate can be installed to any structurally appropriate vertical or horizontal surface (including overhead surfaces) and is designed for both Law Enforcement and Military vehicle applications. The fixed mounting plate allows for a single fixed position in which to deploy a 10.G Litter Arms or FMS medical device mounts inside the vehicle or any platform employing the FMS 10.G system.


• 10.g Load Tested in all directions
• Passed DoD Blast Testing (Aberdeen)
• Easily installed single position base plate allowsmouting of an array of equipment
• Originally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA. 

Product information

  • Art. Nr FA643E130
  • Height 20,32 cm
  • Width 20,32 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FA643E130

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