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10.G Pivot Housing (includes #A120)

The FMS 10.G Low Profile Pivot Housing serves as an interface between the 10.G Low Profile Litter Arm, and interior vehicle MOLLE or Ferno-Track. Each FMS 10G Pivot Housing has quick-release provisions to allow removal of the litter arm from the mount, as well as, allowing the Litter Arm to be stowed in a horizontal or “flat” configuration inside the vehicle when not in use. 
• 10.g Load Tested in all directions
• Passed DoD Blast Testing (Aberdeen)
• Includes Quick-release provisions


• Allows for multi-mission interiors
• Orginally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA.
• Available for direct purchase by DoD, U.S. Federal and local law enforcement.

Product information

  • Art. Nr FA643A125
  • Weight 2,04 kg
  • Height 15,24 cm
  • Length 11,12 cm
  • Width 15,24 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FA643A125

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