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Sequal Eclipse Mount

The Eclipse Surface mount is a lightweight, custom piece that attaches directly to any of our Standard Ferno-Track or Custom Interior Vehicle MOLLE. Fixed position plates are also available. Mount includes storage compartment for power cords, and (2) quick-release provisions allow the mount to be rapidly installed or removed as needed.


• Load Tested in all directions
• Passed DOD Blast Testing (Aberdeen)
• Fielded by U.S. and International Forces ​
• Lightweight and rugged
• Rapidly installed surface mount for Sequal Eclipse O2 concentrator
• Orginally designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems, USA

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM400A107
  • Depth 36,40 cm
  • Height 48,89 cm
  • Width 49,55 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FM400A107

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