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Allfa Legend AIR – Aviation Stretcher

ALLFA LEGEND AIR is an aviation stretcher that meets the requirements of a modern search and rescue aviation requirements, or for military use.
Tasks that can change from mountain environments, islands out on the coast, helicopter medical care, medical transport and regular ambulance missions. This stretcher meets all requirements in all conditions. Used for decades in search and rescue helicopters. 
Everything from newborns to overweight adults must be able to be transported safely and comfortably. Lying, sitting or in various medical positions. ALLFA LEGEND AIR is a stretcher for all patients in all environments.
This stretcher has been developed and tested for Aviation use. An excellent aviation stretcher for medical evacuation in harsh environments.

Approved according to:
CE according to 93/42/EEC (MDD)


• Legs, thighs and 4-point belt with new reinforced covers.
• Flywheel with new foot control.
• New all-terrain wheels with quick release.
• New emergency mattress with higher comfort, bevelled foot end, antibacterial surface.
• Newly designed duo pocket with an Easy lift carrier.
• Side armrest for the patient.
• Extra carrying handles on the sides.
• Axle yoke for ergonomic movement on stairs.
• ISO-FIX lock for child seat Bimbofix.
• New hygienic and comfortable patient pillow.
• New comfort damper and New hand control on the leg stand.
• New reinforced shackles.
• New rubberized loading wheels for better grip.

Product information

  • Art. Nr ALE112005P
  • Brand Ferno
  • Load Capacity 300 kg
  • Weight 29,2 kg (36 kg)
  • Height 1290/200 mm
  • Length 1900/1250 mm
  • Width 550 mm

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