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Vacuum Splint Kit AS 190 MOD GE

Ferno ® vacuum damper sets are of high quality in a simple and easy-to-understand design. Vacuum damper sets from Ferno are one of the world's best-selling vacuum dampers. Ferno vacuum splints are intended to stabilize and fix fractures in patients before and during transport. This set is intended to fix fractures in the wrist, lower and upper arm, ankle, calf and hip.
This military edition Ihas R reflection on the olive colored PVC material. Test method FSD 7403, Unit: nm Average value 30-45


Complete set with three splinters, full leg, arm / lower leg and arm.
A complete splinter set contains a bag, three sizes of splinters, pump and repair kit.
The splint forms around the arm and leg and provides optimal and comfortable support.
Durable pvc fabric makes the splinters durable and easy to clean.
All seams are fully welded for best hygiene.
The splinters hold a vacuum for at least 15 hours and are X-ray permeable.
One-year warranty applies to production defects and quality.

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE21005002810
  • Supplier Item Number 005002810

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