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Pelvic Sling - large

The Pneumatic Pelvic Sling provides early stabilization of pelvic fractures at the accident scene to facilitate patient transport and to reduce life-threatening bleeding.

The inflatable cuffs exert lateral pressure to the pelvis for external stabilization of the pelvic ring with the purpose of regaining the normal anatomic condition. This reduces the inner volume and tamponades the bleeding.

The integrated inflatable cuff exerts a pressure from 70 to 100mmHg and helps to reduce bleeding and pain significantly.

The Pelvic Sling with manometer and hand inflation bulb is available in 3 sizes (S, M, L).


No manipulation of the pelvis
No force require
Uniform pressure distribution

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5001300
  • Certifications CE,MDR
  • Weight 525 gram
  • Length 110-140 cm
  • Size L
  • Supplier Item Number 34-10-005

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