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Ferno Traction Splint

FernoTrac Traction Splints’ mechanical traction reduces the possibility of vascular and nerve damage in patients with long-bone fractures, as wide elastic support straps maintain the injured leg within the frame of the splint, helping to provide in-line traction.

The low-profile ischial pad allows the splint to be applied with minimum movement of the patient’s leg, and a simple adjustable wrap-around ankle hitch allows medics to check pedal pulses. The heel stand instantly locks into place for support but folds flat for storage. Moreover, the length can be adjusted by loosening the knurled sleeves on each side of the tubular aluminum frame.


The simple, adjustable wrap-around ankle strap is designed to control distal pulses.

Like all splinters with traction / friction, it is important to have frequent checks to avoid pressure ulcers

Therefore, always consult a medically responsible doctor about the intended use.

Fernotrack® tension splint is delivered complete in a blue nylon bag that holds the splint and straps in place and makes it ready for immediate use.

The child model (F443) is used not only for prehospital stretching but also for transports between care units and for home transports where the leg must be kept stretched during the stay at home.

Product information

  • Art. Nr F444
  • Certifications MDR
  • Color Black/Silver
  • Weight 3 kg
  • Height 8 cm
  • Length 90 cm
  • Width 27 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 60-0101-006

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