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IFAK Bag complete

IFAKs are trauma kits that contain a variety of essential life-saving components for bleeding control and major wound treatments. Our Advanced Mission Ready IFAK pouches are pre-filled with the highest quality tactical medical gear in configurations designed to address the three leading causes of preventable deaths on the battlefield or in the streets. Massive Hemorrhage, Tension Pneumothorax, and Airway Issues.
A complete Stop the Bleed kit packed in a well-organized bag.
Designed and packed for tactical situations but suitable for anyone who wants to work with clear material. Can be attached to the belt and thigh.
This type of bag goes by different names Stop the Bleed / Stop the Bleed / IFAK / PDV / PLIVO.


Provides a direct and good overview.
Elastic bands to fasten the equipment in a good way.
Pocket for triage cards or similar.
Holder for attaching to the belt, clickable.
The bag contains:
2 CAT Tourniquet
1 rescue blanket
2 compressed gauze
2 trauma bandage
2 pairs of gloves
1 marker pen
1 sax

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020210
  • Color Black
  • Weight 0,9 kg (packed)
  • Height 8 cm
  • Length 22 cm
  • Width 22 cm
  • Supplier Item Number BA-FERNO-IFAK

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