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Bandage - Self-adhesive elastic bandage / 2.5 cm 60 pcs

Can be torn off and used both as a bandage or compression. Multiple usages: elastic bandage help to secure bandage wraps, relieve swelling and promote healing, ideal for strains and sprains; can be applied to protect many body parts, such as toes or fingers. The size of this product makes it ideal for protecting or support fingers


Beige cohesive middle elastic bandage in non-woven material coated with latex-free adhesive.
Attaches to itself without tie fasteners.
Provides good support and support while maintaining mobility.
Tearable across.
The package contains 60 pcs.

Product information

  • Art. Nr VT30735-60
  • Length 4,6 m
  • Width 2,5 cm
  • Package Size 60 pce

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