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S-CUT Standard 501 Cutting-tool red

The cutting tool Mini S-CUT is designed for easily to remove textils, cut belts and restraints. S-CUT can be used on injured at emergency situations. The cutting blade is built-in and designed to prevent injuries on the user and the patient.
S-Cut standard has received an updated function that makes it easier to rotate the cutting blade after each use.


• Sharp and precise
• Can be used on all garments, including motorcycle racks
• Cutting blades are rotated after use to always have a sharp edge in emergency situations.
• Interchangeable cutting blade.
• Real handle to be able to grip even with larger gloves

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5097090
  • Color Red
  • Weight 280 g
  • Length 23,9 cm
  • Width 2,4 cm

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