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Force+ Rescue Tool - complete

The Force Rescue tool is a versatile tool constructed for first response units, Breaching teams, Firefighters or Police.
The Force Rescue Tool has all the functions that you need to make holes, cut, bend, lift, pull, support and break. All these functions have been combined into one rescue unit. It is easy to handle and easy to use.
FORCE is a complement to the rescuer’s own muscular power and has sometimes been called the third arm - the rescue arm. The rescuer is ready to action in a few seconds with Force rescue tool. The tool is produced in Sweden since it was patented in the late 60´s 
Force rescue tool is easy to handle, versatile, durable, with a large capacity and do not require time consuming tool changes. The tool is manufactured of hardened special steel which is hard but still so tough that it will not shatter during rough handling even in severe cold conditions. Force Rescue Equipment consists of: Rescue Tool (2 parts, axe- and clawpart), Rescue and transport strap, Holder/Stand Delivered with manual
• Shatter windows in all types of materials; wire reinforced windows, plexi- and safety glass, car windows, aircraft-canopies etc. 
• Punch hole 
• Breaking up roof, car roof and doors, sheet metal 
• Wire, ropes, cables, tubing etc. 
• Spark free opening of sheet metal 
• Forcing wooden floors, boxes, walls etc. 
• Scraping off earth, ice etc.
• Winching – rope tightening 
• Supporting – protection of injured persons 
• Use as anchor 
The different parts of the tool is:

• Rescue sling. With axe & claw made out of steel (special alloy, hardened Boron steel) 
• Handle. Covered with EPDM-rubber on pipe with special steel. 
• Latch mechanism - Stainless steel 

And the tool is delivered packaged with a rescue and transport strap/holder and a toolholder for wallmount with technical specifications:

• Rescue and transport strap 
Weight: 0.85 kg Length: 2500 mm 
Material: Nylon 
Tensile strength: Strap - 30 kN (3000 kp) , D-ring, hook, buckle - 25 kN (2500 kp) 

• Holder/Stand 
Weight: 0.45 kg 
Dimensions: W90mm x L453 mm x H53 mm 
Material: Aluminium, 3 mm 


The working technique with Force is the same no matter what type of rescue work:
traffic, air, train and sea events, explosions, earthquakes, fire, etc. Through practical training you learn the versatility, capacity and your own ability to use the tool.
Force rescue tools are easy to handle, versatile, durable, high capacity and do not require time-consuming tool changes. 
The tool is made of hardened special boron steel, but still flexible enough not to be weakened during rough handling even in severe cold. Force Rescue tool has been sold worldwide for over 50 years to first response forces and is highly appreciated due to the fact that it works without any need of working infrastructure.
Force Rescue tools have a wide range of applications, and here are some of them: 
• Crushing windows in all types of materials; wire reinforced windows, plexi and safety glass, car windows etc.
• For making holes
• Breaking roofs, car ceilings, doors and sheet metal
• Cutting metal wires, ropes, cables, pipes etc.
• Spark-free opening of metal plates
• Forcing wood floors, boxes, walls, etc.
• Scraping of soil, ice, etc.
• Spool wheel tension
• Support - victim protection
• Use as an anchor
• Rescue sling 
Force Rescue Equipment consists of: Rescue tools (2 parts, ax and globe), rescue and conveyor belts and a tool-holder / stand.
NATO STOCK NUMBER: 5120-20-011-7329

Product information

  • Art. Nr FORCE01
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Length 565 - 580 mm
  • Nato Number 5120-20-011-7329
  • Supplier Item Number 2154F37601/C

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