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K9 Dog Protection Bag - DEFPRO

How to protect a service dog in a parachute jump. The solution: If a special soldier is to bring a service dog with him on a mission, it is important that it is both safe and easy to do so. FFI has been involved in developing DEFPRO - "Dog equipment for protection" - in close collaboration with the Norwegian Special Forces.

DEFPRO is a flexible PVC mat. It is produced by the company Germa and licenced to the Ferno for sale within NATO countries. The mat is folded around the dog and wraps it like a bag. The head sticks out. The legs are fully protected by the bag. The solution has several advantages. Dogs generally do not like to be lifted so that their legs hang and dangle. In the landing there is also a risk of broken bones. The bag also keeps the dog warm through the jump: When it lands, it is ready for work.

The packaging is reminiscent of how a "burrito" is folded. The dog's harness sticks out of the bag. It attaches to the soldier's harness. By pumping air out of the mat, the fabric becomes stiff, but keeps its shape around the dog. It is then safely protected against impacts and shocks. FFI's employees have experienced that the dogs who took part in the testing liked the bag. They use it as a sleeping mat when it is not in use.

Read more about the product in this article issued by FFI (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt).
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K9 Vacuum protection bag – DEFPRO (Dog Equipment for Protection) – Special designed for protecting the K9 during static or freefall-parachuting. Can also be used during other tactical transportation or operations. The bag is made of super strong PVC material with fully welded seams. There is also a Molle-system mounted on large parts of the bag.  After rapping the bag around the dog, it is safely protected against impacts and low temperatures. 

This Tactical K9 bag is developed together with Norwegian Defence research Establishment.

The bag includes a rep-kit, a vacuum hand pump and a bag for storage. 

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE83000000000
  • Certifications ISO 9001:2015
  • Weight 3,9 kg
  • Height 30 cm
  • Length 90 cm
  • Width 45 cm
  • Nato Number 3770-25-163-6409
  • Supplier Item Number 22203000000

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