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Euroheater - Mobile air heater for field use

The EuroHeater 4D is a professional and portable air heater designed for Arctic temperatures down to -55 degrees Celsius and altitudes up to 3000 meters. This compact and quiet heater is built with high-quality European components. It heats cold and damp air using fuel and a 12V battery, a car's power outlet, or a standard 230V socket. The machine comes with an analog control panel for regulating the temperature of the air output.
The Euroheater draws in cold and damp air from outside and heats it to dry and temperate air that you can adjust yourself. The brushless heating fan provides optimal circulation, delivering up to 168 cubic meters of air per hour, ensuring even heat distribution. Our brushless motors are designed for long life and low power consumption. The air heater provides from 1 kW of heat on the lowest setting to up to 4 kW of heat at maximum speed.


Economical to operate with a maximum consumption of 0.5 liters per hour at full power (4 kW).
Shock-resistant diesel tank with a capacity of 7.5 liters.
14 hours of continuous operation at full power, or three days at the lowest power (1 kW).
Powered by diesel, off-road diesel, kerosene, lamp oil, and F-34 military fuel.
Autoterm industrial burner 4 kW
Analog control panel for air including protection box.
Industrial cable 4.5 meters 12v
Industrial cable 4.5 meters 230v
Industrial inverter 230v and fuse box
Heating pipe 4.5 meters Ø90 mm
English/Norwegian user manual
Comes in colours: Green/Grey/Orange
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: 70 × 67 × 67 cm
Power: 1 – 4 kW
Consumption: 0.12 – 0.5 l/h
Airflow: 78 – 168 m³/h
Power consumption: 10-57 W

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5009500
  • Certifications CE
  • Weight 20 kg
  • Height 57 cm
  • Length 70 cm
  • Width 67 cm
  • Effect 1-4 kW

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