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Tactical Rescue and Performance platform

The Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform - AirTEP offers a wider range of helicopter operations. Especially where helicopters cant land. 27 countries already have long experience with AirTEP and it can be operated on more than 15 different types of Helix aircraft. Up to 4 stretchers can fit on AirTEP for CasEvac. Its possibility to recover multiple people at once and up to 10 pax. 
The AirTep has a lifetime of 15 years or 3.000 cycles. 


Use AirTEP for: 
• Insertion
• Extraction
• Combat Support
• Medevac - Mass Casualty Situations
• On ground
• At Sea
• By day and night
The manufacture of AirTEP is our partner Escape International.
View video for AirTep lateral dropping here.

Product information

  • Art. Nr ESC01

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