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The Ferno Eagle Nest system is an extremely lightweight, versatile and multipurpose tripod / bipod made from high grade Ti-3AI-2.5V titanium. The rescue system was designed in collaboration with leading European Remote Rescue specialists and is intended to store compactly in backpacks for portable transfer to the rescue scene. 

Each Eagle Nest tripod is supplied as standard with a customised transport bag / backpack measuring 1400 x 400 x 200 mm. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble in the field including conversion from a bipod to tripod configuration. The tripod is highly stabale and provides a large working area due to its wide footprint and self-adjusting ball-joint feet which suit any surface. 

Eagle Nest 3 (Tripod) weighs 25.4 kg and is supplied with two Eagle Nest Transport Bags so tripod components may be divided and the load shared amongst the rescue team.


Tripod Eagle Nest 3
• Load capacity - 3 persons - 300 kg 
• Net weight - only 22 kg - Titanium 
• Max. height - 2,7 m 
• 3 legs - fast adjustable - 12 pins 
• 3 feet ball joints with ground plates 
• Wide working space 2x2x2m 
• Intuitiv easy assembling by 1 operator
• EN 795:2012 – “Personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices”

Product information

  • Art. Nr F210150007
  • Supplier Item Number 21-0150-007

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