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Navy Rescue Mattress II

The Sea Stretcher is a well-proven, high-quality rescue equipment for evacuation and transportation in a marine environment. 
The Sea Stretcher is the second generation of marine rescue mattresses, now an updated and improved rescue tool.
Its original model has been used in the Swedish Navy for over 30 years. The Sea Stretcher is a combined product that enables evacuation in confined spaces on marine vessels while also protecting the person being transported from harsh weather conditions.

A combined soft evacuation stretcher and a rescue tool that offer evacuation from very narrow and difficult spaces in marine vessels. Including challenging patient handling with lift up or down steep and narrow stairs.  The Navy Rescue mattress can keep the patient afloat with a load limit of 140 kg. Compliant with EU Regulation 2017/745 - MDR.


The sea stretcher consists of an outer material made of durable PVC-coated polyester fabric and an integrated flotation aid. The flotation aid includes a granule-filled inner bag in the main part and along each long side.
• The sea stretcher is equipped with seven handles on both long sides and three handles at the head and foot ends. The numerous handles provide a good grip and facilitate handling during transport.
• It also features four color-coded patient belts with Fix Lock buckles.
• On the inside, it has a covering section for the patient from the foot end, extending over the patient, as well as side-mounted protection with Velcro fasteners.
• With improved buoyancy capacity, it is also easier to manage a person who might end up in the water during evacuation between ships or between a ship and land, up to 140 kg floating limit.
• The back is reinforced with fiberglass material for extra durability.
• Maximum buoyancy capacity is 140 kg.

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE22201811410
  • Certifications MDR
  • Color Orange/black
  • Load Capacity Max 200 kg, Floathelp 140 kg
  • Weight 10,5 kg
  • Height 6,5 cm
  • Length 223 cm
  • Width 103 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 22201811410

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