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Fjellpulken Army edition sled

This model has been used for decades use by the Norwegian Special Forces and the Norwegian Army. Fjellpulken Army edition is a reinforced pulk (sled) for military use. Construction and materials have gone through testing in extreme arctic environments for long periods of time. The pulk can be used for rescue operations, transport of weapons and other military equipment. Comes with a reinforced hauling shaft made in solid fibre-glass and metal. This can be folded for transport and storage. The shaft is used together with the Fjellpulken Pro pulk harness. The belt is reinforced with a padded waist belt, cross-straps for good support on shoulders and neck. All seams are reinforced. The belt has steal D-rings for attaching the hauling shaft. The top cover is wind- and waterproof and handmade. Easy to replace spare parts if necessary. 
The pulk can be pulled with skis, snowshoes or attached to a snowmobile for longer transports.
The Fjellpulken 200 Army is a both MedEvac and equipment pulk. 
NATO STOCK NUMBER: 5120-20-011-7329


• Comes in length: 144cm, 168cm, 188, cm 200cm (CasEvac)
• Solid construction made of fibre-glass
• Weight 6 – 10 kg
• Width: 43-57 cm
• 150 + kg load weight
• Ski pole point for pushing assist in the rear.
• Straps for easily securing load.
• Insulation mat at the bottom of the sled.
• Nylon with Duraflex® UTX Stealth Warrior buckles
• Bungee cords for flexible attachment fastening.
• D-rings for extra attachment/securing load and/or pulling/braking by multiple
• Steal attachment for snowmobiles can be purchased separately.

Product information

  • Art. Nr FP50160

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