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TacRac for Military Litters.

The TacRac is a lightweight equipment table designed to fit NATO litters. Ideal for field hospital, the TR can be used as a complimentary equipment table to the Compact Treatment Station, and can be configured to secure an array of medical equipment. The TacRac can be rapidly secured or removed from the litter as needed. Made from aircraft aluminum. 

Nato no: 4730-01-673-1264


• Folding sides allow the TacRac to be packed into hard cases or load out bags.
• Can be configured to secure an array of medical devices
• Provides a lightweight equipment table for field treatment
• Allows medical devices to stay organized and secure during treatment

Product information

  • Art. Nr 274-M
  • Weight 4.53 kg
  • Depth 34.29 cm
  • Height 35.05 cm
  • Width 48.76 cm
  • Nato Number 4730-01-673-1264
  • Supplier Item Number FA515A010

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