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Scoop EXL® TSL Extender Kit

The Ferno® Scoop® Extender kit TSL is an innovative accessory designed to expand the patient surface on your Scoop® EXL. This extension allows the width of the Scoop® EXL to be adjusted to match the patient's physical size, increasing flexibility and ease of use.

With a safe load capacity of 227 kg and adjustable length, Ferno's Scoop® EXL can now be used on patients of all ages and sizes. You can choose to expand the width only at the head end for patients with broad shoulders or a strong upper body, or extend both the head and foot ends for a generally wider lying surface.

The extender kit is designed to be quick and easy to use. The TSL clicks securely into place in the lock, allowing the Scoop® EXL to be adjusted in seconds without hassle.


  • Easy to take with you
  • Flexible use
  • Can be used in one or both locks, all depending on the situation and patient size
  • One set contains 2 pcs. TSL to the locks
  • Load capacity still 227 kg
  • Provides a better fit if the Scoop stretcher is combined with Lucas for cardiac arrest

Product information

  • Art. Nr F0832274
  • Certifications MDR
  • Load Capacity 227 kg
  • Material Metal
  • Weight 490 g
  • Height 35 mm
  • Length 130 mm
  • Width 35 mm
  • Supplier Item Number 25-0030-002

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