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Patient harness, X-spider harness w. velcro for scoop & spineboard

The X-Spindeln in multicolour is our most popular product in movement restriction and it was developed in collaboration with Swedish ambulance personnel. The X spindle fixes the thorax and pelvis better with the X construction and the center strap does not need to be kept taut for full fixation, which makes it easier when you have patients who are short. The X-spindle locks with Velcro and is delivered in a handy storage bag.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Different colors of the straps
  • All in one system means you always have all straps with you
  • Supplied in a flexible bag.
  • X-ray and MRI compatible
  • One size

Product information

  • Art. Nr GEAS405
  • Color Multicolour
  • Weight 1,1 kg
  • Supplier Item Number 271000736

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