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KED® PRO Extrication orange complete.

Ferno® KED® is a very good alternative when it comes to restricting the movement of patients who are to be taken out of confined spaces. The stability provides support for the neck and back. KED® is also excellent for use in so-called quick removal in life-threatening situation. Handles on the back and several straps give several choices when removing. Ferno’s KED®Pro is a further development of the traditional KED®. All new features make KED®Pro a good choice of equipment for professional removal and rescue operations. KED®Pro has three pillows in a smaller design for greater flexibility and adaptation to the patient.

Locks and buckles are made of metal to guarantee safety even when moving vertically. The leg straps are padded for better comfort when lifting. All carrying handles are classified for vertical and complicated rescue operations. KED®Pro is simply developed for professional and difficult situations where the requirements for the equipment are the highest.


  • Made of a hygienic and easy-to-wipe material
  • Approved metal buckles for vertical lifting
  • Adapted for vertical rescue
  • Practical storage bag with compartments and backpack straps
  • Color-coded belts
  • Headband and chin strap for fixing the head
  • Approved handles for attaching slings
  • Load capacity manual use 250 kg
  • Load capacity for vertical lifting with sling 150 kg
  • The sling is sold separately Art. no. F125PROLIFT

Product information

  • Art. Nr F125PRO
  • Color Oransje
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 4,5 kg
  • Height 3,5 cm
  • Length 83 cm
  • Width 82 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FWE125-2

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