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Go Stretcher NORSE RESCUE®

Go Stretcher is our simplest rescue sheet in half-body format which due to its size can easily be packed in an emergency bag and included to be used an emergency evacuation. It works very well as a "disposable stretcher" in everything from everyday use to disaster preparedness or in a mass injury scenario.
Ideal if you want to be prepared for any evacuation, relocation or accidents. The Go stretcher is taking up a minimum of space in bags, vehicles or storage.


• Large handles that enable easy patient handling.
• Water-resistant fabric in polyethylene provides strength and durability.
• Latex free.
• Rescue sheets for special events
• Rescue sheets in first aid situations

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020211
  • Certifications CE
  • Color White
  • Load Capacity 226 kg
  • Material Polythylen
  • Weight 435 g
  • Length 116 cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • Supplier Item Number LS-49

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