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Folding Transport System (FTS)

The Ferno Aviation Folding Transport System (FTS) is designed for use with side loading medical aircraft to ease in patient movement. The FTS is custom compatible with Heli-Dyne dual-pivoting litter systems, standard Ferno and Lifeport stretchers. The FTS folds into a compact size for storage in the aircraft baggage compartment. It is easy to deploy and has no requirement  for FAA certification. The following versions are available: Heli-Dyne Dual Pivoting Litters | Standard 12-2 Series Stretchers | Air Methods Stretchers | Lifeport Stretchers | Agusta Westland Stretchers


• Folding for Storage
• Custom Interface required for patient litter
• Quickly and easily deployable
• Width minimum: 16.5 in/41.91 cm 
• Height minimum: 11.5 in/29.21 cm 
• Length minimum: 33.5 in/85.09 cm

• FAA form 8110—3 is available with supporting data to cover installations in specific aircraft

As produced Ferno Cots are not approved for aircraft installations and it is our policy to only supply stretchers to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft modification centers and other specialists who have the ability to perform aircraft installations and obtain approval of the installation under an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

Product information

  • Art. Nr FMFTS
  • Load Capacity 158.75 kg
  • Weight 12.92 kg
  • Height 75.56 cm
  • Length 137.16 cm
  • Width 59.69 cm

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