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Aviation Stretcher 28A Stretcher

The Model 28-A is the Aeromedical version of Ferno's popular Model 28 Roll-in cot which has set the standard for easy patient loading in ground ambulances and helicopters. Based on customer feedback, the 28-A has been improved in several important ways to meet Aeromedical customer requirements. It is the most common stretcher used in the EC-135.


• Available with optional FAA approved Stretcher Pads and Patient Restraints
• Available as an incubator transport (28-IT) with standard adapter for Air Shields Isolette.
• Custom adapters can be designed and manufactured to meet your requirements
• Height minimum: 18 in/45.72 cm 
• Length folded: 75 in/190.5 cm 
• Simplified Construction ("Chair" feature removed)
• Increased rigidity
• Lower weight (only 52 lbs.)

• FAA form 8110—3 is available with supporting data to cover installations in specific aircraft
As produced Ferno Cots are not approved for aircraft installations and it is our policy to only supply stretchers to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft modification centers and other specialists who have the ability to perform aircraft installations and obtain approval of the installation under an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)

Product information

  • Art. Nr FMModel28A
  • Load Capacity 294.8 kg
  • Weight 23.58 kg
  • Height 81.28 cm
  • Length 198.12 cm
  • Width 60.96 cm

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