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Aviation Litter 9 Series Litter

The Model 9 and Model 9A litters are designed specifically for low-profile applications. Both models feature a multi position, locking backrest and include 4" wheels at the head end and stationary posts at the foot-end. The Model 9 includes FAA approved heavy-duty vinyl coated cover and (2) standard Ferno 430 patient  restraints. The Model 9A includes FAA approved cover and FAA approved patient restraints. Custom Model 9 and 9A's are avaialble.


• Two (2) wheels at head end
• Two (2) pegs at foot end  
• Folds in the middle  
• Head raising capability
• Length: (62.9-73.6in / 159.9-186.9cm)

Optional features:
• FAA approved Stretcher Pads (1", 2" and 3")
• Custom adapters for various Isolettes and other accessories

• FAA form 8110—3 is available with supporting data to cover installations in specific aircraft
As produced Ferno Litters are not approved for aircraft installations and it is our policy to only supply Litters to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft modification centers and other specialists who have the ability to perform aircraft installations and obtain approval of the installation under an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) 

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM9series
  • Load Capacity 158.75 kg
  • Height 12.36 cm
  • Width 48.26 cm

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