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(ALSL) Advance Life Support Litter

The Advanced Life Support Litter (ALSL) is no ordinary litter. Ideal for advanced care during long air transport, the ALSL can also support advanced treatment in ground vehicles, and through the entire transition of care (POI to stabilization) . Includes mounting solutions for an array of medical devices, and integrated “D” rings allow the litter to be tied down like cargo while the truss type design provides strength for aircraft G-loads when supported by its grips. Custom configurations for ECMO transport are also available.
This stretcher has been developed and tested for Aviation use. An excellent aviation stretcher for medical evacuation in harsh environments. 


• Provisions for an aircraft-grade shoulder harness
• Mounting provisions for on board oxygen system
• Adjustable bed surface for both upper and lower torso (including flexed-knee position)
• Patient surface is isolated from frame to reduce vibration
• Mattress pad meets aviation flammability requirements
• External IMS Mini-Mount system to secure an array of medical devices
• Mounting provisions for (4) IV poles
• Folding grips to fit various ground vehicles.
• Custom configurations for ECMO transport are also available.

• ​Mitigates resonating frequencies from aircraft to patient
• Provides stable platform to secure medical devices
• Truss design is stronger than NATO litters
• Can tie down like cargo
• Can be installed or removed quickly

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM842A100
  • Weight 18.1 kg
  • Height 32.8 cm
  • Length 231.14 cm
  • Width 55.24 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FM842A100

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