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Easy Lift, Black

Easy Lift Shoulder is a newly developed tool that relieves the hands and arms when lifting or carrying a stretcher. Easy Lift is easy to use and has unique features that make this a efficient ergonomic tool for the user. Easy Lift has friction lock and is providing a firm grip with very limited power required from the user.


Distributes the load 
Redirects the load to the legs and the back
Immediate release if needed
Designed and developed by ambulance personnel with extensive experience. 
Easy Lift is made of reinforced fabric with plastic / metal runners and a friction PVC part. 
Easy Lift is set individually 
Friction material in pvc for durability
Induvidually adjustable
Produced in Sweden. Cleans with soap and water up to 60 degrees Celcius. Disinfection or Virkon
Easy Lift is designed and manufactured in Sweden 
Cleans easily with soap / water, disinfection and Virkon. 
Washable mesh bag at 60 degrees

Product information

  • Art. Nr GE15000000016
  • Weight 0,4 kg
  • Supplier Item Number 15000000016

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