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35-ProXM (Miltary Patient Version)

The 35-ProXM (Military) is a lightweight, rugged and proven X-Framed transporter designed for standard patient transport. Compatible with civilian ground ambulances using Ferno 175 fastener systems and ideal for patient transport within military medical facilities. The 35-ProXM has a low center of gravity, offering adjustable heights while maintaining a stable platform to move patients as needed.


• Superior Stability and Center of Gravity---come from a longer, fixed front leg in the X-frame, a rigid C-channel running the length of the cot, and carefully-engineered frame geometry
• Five-Position Drop Frame provides better leverage for lifting and loading, reduces the cot length by 15" for movement in confined spaces, and provides true 360 degree turning radius in the lowest position
• All-Metal Frame Construction provides strength, long service life, and exceptional performance with heavy patients. Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame provides comfort and support for various size patients and extra elbow room during intubation and CPR.
• Complete Bariatric Solution with bariatric push-pull handles, 1100 lb. load capacity in the lowest position, and optional LBS and LBS Jr. Bariatric boards

• U-Tread Wheels     • All-Metal Frame
• 6” Wheels     • Built-in Shock Frame
• Reflective Labels     • Stat Trac or 175 Fastener Compatible
• Easy-Pull Release Handle     • LBS Ready
• Integrated Box Beam     • One Handed Drop Frame
• Strengthened C-Channel     • 5-Position Drop Frame
• One Handed Side Arm Release     • One Handed Safety Bail Release
• 1.75” Tube Diameter     • Restraints and Mattress Included
• Ratchet Bar Guard     • Telescoping Side Lift Handles
• Dual Wheel Lock     • Backrest Adjusts 0 – 65 degrees
• Gas Assist Backrest     • Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame
• Powder Coated Frame     • Locked-on Mattress
• Available in FMS Dark Earth     • Foot-End Lead Handle ​
• Tested to Industry Standards      

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM840A115
  • Height 86 cm
  • Length 201 cm
  • Width 61 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FM840A115

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