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Tactical Combat Casualty Care

TCCC has saved hundreds of lives during NATO operations Nearly 90% of all combat fatalities occur before the casualty reaches a medical treatment facility, and it is clear that the prehospital phase of care is the focus of efforts to reduce deaths in combat.

What is TCCC?

Guidelines for TCCC are the standard of care for the modern battlefield. It was first present in the US Army, and are now implemented in all NATO forces. The guidelines cover: Care Under Fire (CUF), Tactical Field Care (TFC) and Tactical Evacuation Care (TACEVAC). These recommendations are intended to be guidelines only and are not a substitute for clinical judgment.

Read more about the governing documents for TCCC here

TCCC and Ferno Norden Military Systems

Ferno Norden Military Systems provide first class equipment through all the phases in TCCC – We deliver all necessary equipment in Tactical Field Care to stop Massive Hemorrhage, Airway Management, Respiration, Circulation and Hypothermia. For Tactical Evacuation (CasEvac) we provide tactical stretchers and other rescue equipment for transportation (MedEvac) and blood coolers for transporting fresh blood in combat zone

The Tactical Evacuation Care (TACEVAC) phase begins once the casualty has been transferred to a transport aircraft or vehicle. During this phase additional medical personnel and equipment may be available to provide augmented casualty care. We provide military intensive stretchers for aviation and aircrafts. Blood coolers for transporting fresh blood in combat zone.

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