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Norse Rescue® Blood Transfusion Set

Introducing the NORSE RESCUE® Blood Transfusion Kit - your essential field companion for life-saving transfusions.

This kit is meticulously curated to provide everything you need for safe and efficient blood transfusions, even in challenging environments. NORSE RESCUE® ensures your equipment is of the highest quality and reliability.



  • 1x Donor Form (Standard 518)
  • 2x Surgical Tape
  • 1x Transfusion Set (Inline)
  • 1x Blood Bag (CPDA-1, 450 ml)
  • 1x Permanent Marker
  • 1x Tubing Clamp
  • 2x NORSE RESCUE® Gloves
  • 2x Tourniquet Band
  • 2x EldonCard Blood Type Kit
  • 2x Disinfection Wipe
  • 2x IV Dressing, 6x7 cm
  • 4x Compress, 10x10 cm
  • 4x Saline Flush, 5 ml
  • 1x Blood Bag Label
  • 1x IV-Syringe, Green
  • 1x IV-Syringe, Grey
  • 1x Band Measure, 10 Inch
  • 1x Donor Inlay Card
  • 1x Recipient Inlay Card


  • 30 x 40 x 4 cm

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5020245
  • Brand AP Services A/S
  • Certifications Content individually certified
  • Weight 490 g
  • Supplier Item Number CL-100305

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