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Infusion heater 3L Black

A practical infusion heater that holds 3 liters. Easy to connect it to 12-volt battery. The infusion heater can be accessed from both the top and bottom. A predictable bag when tempered infusion fluid should be given urgently to patients in the field.


The infusion machine is very reliable and easy to handle.
Made of soft but durable materials.
Holds 3 liters.
Can be washed at 40 degrees.
Indications for the correct temperature and built-in fuses.
The bag is well insulated and has low electricity consumption during maintenance charging.
Easily attached with the wall rail (separate accessory) and locked with 4 canopy knobs. Certifications: CE (MDD) 93/42 / EEC Class IIa

Product information

  • Art. Nr 5000521
  • Color Black
  • Load Capacity 3 l
  • Liquid Capacity 3L
  • Weight 1130 g
  • Height 28 cm
  • Length 40 cm
  • Width 12 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 111521

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