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Traverse Rescue Spartan Titan, 2 pcs. RED

Spartan is our new divisible life raft in plastic construction and titanium that has our patented LocSafe Connection system and StratLoad f attachment points.
The stretcher is divisible and the unique LocSafe function enables a completely solid connection between the stretcher's two parts without pins or pipes sliding into each other. The LocSafe function enables quick and easy visual inspection to ensure that the connections are secure throughout the rescue process.
The top rail is fully exposed, which eliminates the need to find handles to get a good grip on the stretcher.
Four StratLoad f attachment points make it quick, easy and safer to attach the sling. These attachment points protect the carbine against wall and rock sides, etc. Outer shells of durable high-molecular polyethylene (HMWPE).


* Frame construction in titanium
* Lightweight and durable
* Comes with four belts
* Tested to and above a threshold for static load testing of 1134 kg (11 kN)
* Patented StratLoad ™ function by default
* 19.8 mm top tube
* Durable high density polyethylene base (HDPE)
* Compatible with all our FERNO backboards
* Rectangular model
* Traverse lifeboats have an expected life cycle of 10 years
* Approved according to: CE according to 93/42 / EEC (MDD)

Product information

  • Art. Nr TR110127TI
  • Load Capacity 1136 kg / 11kN
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Height 18 cm
  • Length 218 cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • Supplier Item Number 11-0127TI

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