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STANAG 2040 Quad/Four Fold NATO Stretcher

Advanced and Innovative Combat Evacuation Stretcher

Our combat evacuation stretcher is designed to excel in both civilian and military applications, meeting stringent fire safety codes and standards. Built for extreme conditions, it features a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, ensuring both durability and ease of transport.

This advanced stretcher is not only innovative but also practical, designed to meet the rigorous demands of combat and emergency medical evacuation in the harshest environments.


  • Lightweight and Sturdy Aluminum Frame: Provides robustness without sacrificing portability
  • Ergonomically Designed Extendable Locking Handles: Allows for secure and comfortable handling
  • Slip-Resistant Pattern Mesh: Certified with Fire Certification M2/B1 and resistant to low temperatures without cracking (ISO 4675)
  • 6 x IV Pole Attachment Points: Facilitates efficient medical treatment during transport
  • Optional Storage Bag: Equipped with backpack straps and carry handles for convenient storage and mobility
  • Compliance with STANAG 2040 and Other International Standards: Ensures global usability and reliability
  • BIO SAFE 4-Point Restraints: Offers enhanced patient security and safety
  • Roadworthiness Tested (10G-tested): Meets requirements for safe transportation on roads

Product information

  • Art. Nr S2040QUAD
  • Load Capacity 250 kg
  • Weight 8,3 kg
  • Height 145 mm / 530 mm folded
  • Length 2293 mm extended / 2010 mm retracted / 190 mm folded
  • Width 580 mm / 230 mm folded
  • Supplier Item Number 60-0122-001

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