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SOF-L Spare Parts Kit

Our SOF Litter Spare Parts Kit (SPK) includes (1) spreader bar, (2) handles, (2) foot sections, and (4) mid sections. The (SPK) allows forward units to make field repairs to the litter frame with a phillips screwdriver and 3/8" wrench keeping the litter in service should damage occur.


• Includes 2 sections of litter frame with feet
• Includes 4 sections of main litter frame Includes 2 handles
• Includes 1 spreader bar ​
• Allows field repairs with phillips head and 3/8"" wrench
• Promotes longer life cycle of the SOF-Litter down range
• Origianlly designed, manufactured and tested by Ferno Military Systems

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM800K101
  • Supplier Item Number FM800K101

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