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(FTS-N) FTS NATO (includes interface)

The Folding Transport System is a low-profile, storable transporter specifically designed to fold into a small package for storage in aircraft baggage compartments, automobile trunks, and carrying cases. Compatible with any NATO litter and ideal for use in smaller medical facilities, or Naval Vessels where space is critical. Custom mounting provisions for an array of patient surfaces are available.


• Easily folds for Storage
• Custom NATO and pole stetcher interface's available
• 450 lb. load limit Allows for rapid deployment ​
• Provides a simple solution for NATO litter transport
• Low cube for storage
• Ideal for Naval vessels

Product information

  • Art. Nr FM840A129
  • Load Capacity 159 kg
  • Height 76 cm
  • Length 137 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Supplier Item Number FM840A129

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